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Theosophists on the Society of Jesuits and the Roman Catholic Church

There’s a collation of H.P.B.’s writings on Jesuitry and Masonry in The Christian Scheme: Jesuitry and Masonry in Parts I, II, III, IV, V, VI. H.P.B. defends in her writings the ethics and morality in systems ancient, misunderstood, and demonized arguing, that as one theosophist stated —

“The Occultists . . . believe the time has come to give everyone his due.”


Even moreso, the very reason for the founding of the Theosophical institution was to lead, H.P.B. says, an open warfare and loud protest against the strenuous element of theological dogmatism and blind faith in religion. She admits, the object of the Society was to antagonize Christianity and Jesuitism, believing the Jesuits were carrying out plots through secret agencies, and that many high persons of authority, who consider Christian religio-political power pernicious to humanity, are as equally willing to defeat it. She predicts the day “its [Theosophy] name will be respected as a pioneer of free thought and an uncompromising enemy of priestly and monkish fraud and despotism” (see Christological Disputes). I see this original cause as just.

Apparently, this would not be in the interest of Christian officials, and H.P.B. openly challenged people to consider, which shall prevail — THEOSOPHY or JESUITISM.

The Church and Jesuits of course prevail, and rejoice at a number of victories, even despite continued sexual controversy and coverups. Now, the issue all these groups face: the Jesuit, Mason, Theosophist, and Jew collectively involve contention against forged documents and letters, hoaxes and libel, surmising a plot of either of the four independently or combined.

I do not like the history of instigation between any of the groups. Libel and myths have become so uncorrected within the public, that some people put them all together in a single ‘Illuminati-theory’ or an anti-Protestant reformation/Republican/anti-liberalism worldview. Here is a paper called From European Anti-Jesuitism to German Anti-Jewishness that deals with the subject, as well as the Monita Secreta, which The Catholic Encyclopedia says is a hoax.

Monita Secreta, or “The Secret Instructions of the Jesuits,” was published in 1723 by John Walthoe in a time when the Jesuits did not have the unquestioned fame or hospitable reputation they enjoy today. The writer is claimed to be an ex-Jesuit, who says that the members of the Jesuit order were not even aware of the real agenda of the Jesuits. To render itself acceptable to the society, or a place, the strategy of the order was to meet the needs of the poor, prisoners, hospitals, and the afflicted, leading them to admire and love the Jesuits. Today, the Jesuits are reputed and trusted as nurturing great educational institutions, which it does. This would cause the people to be more liberal towards them, the Monita Secreta claimed. In the section of Vows and Instructions, it asserts, that the Jesuits hid their money in Roman Treasury, and obtained property through secret friends and indirect associates. Their aim was to acquire wealth and to protect the Church.

Was such works like this, or the Monita Secreta itself a source for Helena P. Blavatsky, given the similarity in accusation? In order to understand the issue Theosophists have with the Jesuits, let us begin with the attitude of Theosophists towards the Catholic Church.


A magazine in Paris, May 12, 1888 lauded the Le Lotus article of Helena P. Blavatsky, about heterodox priest of the Diocese of Perpignan, Father Paul Roca (1830-1893). Notes on Abbé Roca’s Esotericism of Christian Dogma, and Reply of the Abbé to Blavatsky in Le Lotus, Paris, Vol. III, 1888 speaks of her critique of Christian legends:

“The thirteenth number of Le Lotus [Blavatsky, Theosophy or Jesuitism?, Lucifer, June, 1888], the recognised organ of Theosophy, among many articles of undeniable interest, contains one by Madame Blavatsky in reply to the Abbé Roca. The eminent writer, who is certainly the most learned woman of our acquaintance, discusses the following question: “Has Jesus ever existed?” She destroys the Christian legend, in its details, at least, with irrecusable texts which are not usually consulted by religious historians. This article is producing a profound sensation in the Catholic and Judeo-Catholic swamp: we are not surprised at this, for the author’s arguments are such as it is difficult to break down, even were one accustomed to the Byzantine disputes of theology.” (PARIS, Evening Paper of May 12, 1888.)

These criticisms would upset some officials in the Church, as Constance Wachtmeister claims an official from the Church tried to pay Blavatsky some francs not to mention the Church in her Isis Unveiled.


Helena Blavatsky said that the Theosophical “Society [was] founded to remedy the glaring evils of Christianity.” (Theosophical Mahatmas), evidently referring to its errors. H.P.B. freely discussed the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) founded in 1540 by Loyola in those latter days, remarking, that the “Theosophical Society (…) recognizes and knows of, and therefore avoids its representatives in its ranks” (Blavatsky, Force of Prejudice); and then speaks of one enemy – “an enemy common to all, namely, Roman Catholicism” (ibid.).

“It is vain to argue and claim a difference between Jesuitism and Roman Catholicism proper, for the latter is now sucked into and inseparably amalgamated with the former. We have public assurance for it in the pastoral of 1876 by the Bishop of Cambrai. “Clericalism, Ultramontanism and Jesuitism are one and the same thing – that is to say, Roman Catholicism – and the distinctions between them have been created by the enemies of religion,” says the “Pastoral.” “There was a time,” adds Monseigneur the Cardinal, “when a certain theological opinion was commonly professed in France concerning the authority of the Pope. . . . It was restricted to our nation, and was of recent origin. The civil power during a century and a half imposed official instruction. Those who professed these opinions were called Gallicans, and those who protested were called Ultramontanes, because they had their doctrinal centre beyond the Alps, at Rome. Today the distinction between the two schools is no longer admissible. Theological Gallicanism can no longer exist, since this opinion has ceased to be tolerated by the Church. It has been solemnly condemned, past all return, by the Œcumenical Council of the Vatican. ONE CANNOT NOW BE A CATHOLIC WITHOUT BEING ULTRAMONTANE – AND JESUIT.” (Helena P. Blavatsky, Theosophy or Jesuitism, Lucifer, June, 1888)

The misdeeds of the Jesuit Order are no secret in history, but the public are told, that the Catholic Church has long cleaned up its acts, and had reformed the Jesuit Order. However, Helena Blavatsky remarks in her time, ‘that the Church was being honeycombed from within by the followers of Loyola,’ so that by the end of the nineteenth-century, it appeared to be “devoured by the ravenous microbes begotten by Loyola” she adds.

“One out of the three great churches of Christendom is split into atomic sects, whose number increases yearly; and a house divided against itself, as is the Protestant Church – MUST FALL. The third, the Roman Catholic, the only one that has hitherto succeeded in appearing to retain all its integrity, is rapidly decaying from within. It is honeycombed throughout, and is being devoured by the ravenous microbes begotten by Loyola.” (Blavatsky, Theosophy or Jesuitism?, Lucifer, June, 1888)

The Church “is no better now than a Dead Sea fruit, fair for some to look at, but full of the rottenness of decay and death within. Roman Catholicism is but a name. As a Church it is a phantom of the Past and a mask. It is absolutely and indissolubly bound up with, and fettered by the Society of Ignatius Loyola” (The Trial of the Sun Initiate).

Koot Hoomi had said in a letter (no. 30) to Alfred Percy Sinnett, that ‘The Society of Jesus’ is “the insatiable monster feeding on the brain and marrow of humanity, and developing an incurable cancer on every spot of healthy flesh it touches.”

“As I once said before, they know that what they teach is a lie; and we know that what we impart is truth, the only truth and nothing but the truth. They work for the greater power and glory (!) of their order; we – for the power and final glory of individuals, of isolated units, of humanity in general, and we are content, nay forced – to leave our Order and its chiefs entirely in the shade. They work, and toil, and deceive, for the sake of worldly power in this life; we work and toil, and allow our chelas to be temporarily deceived, to afford them means never to be deceived hereafter, and to see the whole evil of falsity and untruth, not alone in this but in many of their after lives. Theythe Jesuits sacrifice the inner principle, the Spiritual brain of the ego, to feed and develop the better the physical brain of the personal evanescent man, sacrificing the whole humanity to offer it as a holocaust to their Society – the insatiable monster feeding on the brain and marrow of humanity, and developing an incurable cancer on every spot of healthy flesh it touches. We – the criticized and misunderstood Brothers – we seek to bring men to sacrifice their personality – a passing flash – for the welfare of the whole humanity, hence for their own immortal Egos, a part of the latter, as humanity is a fraction of the integral whole, that it will one day become. They are trained to deceive; we – to undeceive.” (K.H., The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett, Letter no. 33.)

The designed separation between Christianity and The Gnosis hides a lie:

“In carnalizing the central figure of the New Testament, in imposing the dogma of the Word made flesh, the Latin Church sets up a doctrine diametrically opposed to the tenets of Buddhist and Hindu Esotericism and the Greek Gnosis. Therefore, there will always be an abyss between the East and the West, as long as neither of these dogmas yields. Almost 2,000 years of bloody persecution against Heretics and Infidels by the Church looms before the Oriental nations to prevent them from renouncing their philosophic doctrines in favor of that which degrades the Christos principle.” (Notes on Abbe Roca, Le Lotus, Paris, Vol. II, No. 9, December, 1887, pp. 160-173)

The “Left” Eye of God in the Jesuit Church are also often seen in or on Greek Orthodox Churches.

In the same article, it was claimed that the Jesuits infiltrated and diluted the rites of Freemasonry:

The Jesuits (…) To give one instance of their success in throwing dust into the eyes of ordinary individuals to prevent their seeing the truths of Occultism, we will point out what they did in what is now called Freemasonry. This Brotherhood [Freemasonry] does possess a considerable portion of the symbolism, formulae, and ritual of Occultism, handed down from time immemorial from the primeval Initiations. To render this Brotherhood a mere harmless negation, the Jesuits sent some of their most able emissaries into the Order, who first made the simple brethren believe that the true secret was lost with Hiram Abiff; and then induced them to put this belief into their formularies. They then invented specious but spurious higher degrees, pretending to give further light upon this lost secret, to lead the candidate on and amuse him with forms borrowed from the real thing but containing no substance, and all artfully contrived to lead the aspiring Neophyte to nowhere. And yet men of good sense and abilities, in other respects, will meet at intervals, and with solemn face, zeal and earnestness, go through the mockery of revealing “substituted secrets” instead of the real thing.” (Helena P. Blavatsky, The Trial of the Sun Initiate)

The Mahatma Letters adds:

The opposition represents enormous vested interests, and they have enthusiastic help from the Dugpas [i.e., a “Black Brotherhood”] – in Bhootan and the Vatican!

K.H., The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett

Concerning, the Prophets of the Right and the Left, Helena Blavatsky spoke of the origins of adversarial schools:

“The Bible, from Genesis to Revelations, is but a series of historical records of the great struggle between white and black Magic, between the Adepts of the right path, the Prophets, and those of the Left, the Levites, the clergy of the brutal masses (…) That there were two schools of Magic, and the orthodox Levites did not belong to the holy one, is shown in the words pronounced by the dying Jacob.” (The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 2, pg. 211)

“The struggle of Bel and then of Merodach, the Sun-god, with Tiamat, the Sea and its Dragon, a ‘war’ which ended in the defeat of the latter, has a purely cosmic and geological, meaning as well as an historical one. It is a page torn out of the History of the Secret and Sacred Sciences, their evolution, growth, and DEATH – for the profane masses (…) It relates (…) to the systematic persecution of the Prophets of the Right Path by those of the Left. The latter, having inaugurated the birth and evolution of the sacerdotal castes, have finally led the world into all these exoteric religions, invented to satisfy the depraved tastes of the ‘hoi polloi’ and the ignorant for ritualistic pomp and the materialization of the ever immaterial and Unknowable Principle.” (The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 2, pg. 503)


What was the origin of that order? It may be stated in a few words. In the year 1534, on August 16th, an ex-officer and “Knight of the Virgin,” from the Biscayan Provinces, and the proprietor of the magnificent castle of Casa Solar – Ignatius Loyola, became the hero of the following incident. In the subterranean chapel of the Church of Montmartre, surrounded by a few priests and students of theology, he received their pledges to devote their whole lives to the spreading of Roman Catholicism by every and all means, whether good or foul; and he was thus enabled to establish a new Order. Loyola proposed to his six chief companions that their Order should be a militant one, in order to fight for the interests of the Holy seat of Roman Catholicism. Two means were adopted to make the object answer; the education of youth, and proselytism (apostolat). This was during the reign of Pope Paul III, who gave his full sympathy to the new scheme. Hence in 1540 was published the famous papal bull – Regimini militantis Ecclesiae (the regiment of the warring, or militant Church) – after which the Order began increasing rapidly in numbers and power.” (H.P. Blavatsky, Lucifer, June 1888; Theosophical Articles, Vol. III.)

The Jesuit Oath and the “Knights of Columbus Oath” cited in the House Report No. 62-1523 (1913), reprinted in the Congressional Record for February 15, 1913, at pp. 3215-3220 is said to be a hoax by Catholics. The Church have handled far greater shams, and lasted due to its power; but this doesn’t stop certain people from perpetually peddling the Léo Taxil hoax as a credible source in defaming Albert Pike and demonizing Freemasonry. By defaming the names of various figures, they generally aim at the whole “Pagan” structure, when their own rites and structure is based on primitive Masonry. Their adoption of names and attributes of Pagan gods is not a charge the Protestants can put on the Catholics alone, nor brush aside (see Star-Angel Worship in the Roman Catholic Church).


Blavatsky had asked if it was possible then, that the Vatican and Jesuits would like to have had the theosophical movement disbanded:

“Does the general principle of the Vatican-Jesuitical action – infiltrating everywhere through top leaders – apply to the theosophical movement as well? In such a case, would Jesuits like to see the main leaders of a theosophical society acting under the inspiration of their own methods and piously cheating the public in the name of sacred Masters?” (Helena Blavatsky)

This cry of an outraged protest against the Order from its very birth was known to President John Adams in John Adams on Religion in the United States.

John Adams on Religion in the United States, Quakers, Jesuitism, and Machiavellianism

The words of John Adams, second President of the United States (1797–1801) and the first Vice President (1789–97) on Religion in the United States, Quakers, Jesuitism, and Machiavellianism. “The substance and essence of Christianity, as I understand it, is eternal and unchangeable, and will bear examination forever, but it has been mixed with extraneous ingredients,…

After H.P.B.’s death, the T.S. morphed into a quasi-Catholic like organization with a newly founded Liberal Catholic Church and Co-Masonry. Today, these people are in the high positions of the fallen Society. In their rituals, they have used two fake portraits of K.H. and M., and even pray to angels. If there is one thing we have demonstrated, it is that this is the antithesis of Theosophy. Many of us have seen it, including the author, nevertheless, there have been Theosophists that have harshly criticized these influences (e.g., The Fraud in Adyar Esoteric School).

“The T.S. is becoming enormous in its numbers, and if the false prophets, the pretenders (e.g., the “H.B. of L.,” exposed in Yorkshire by Theosophists two years ago, and the “G.N.K.R.” just exposed in America), or even the weak-minded dupes, are left alone, then the Society threatens to become very soon a fanatical body split into three hundred sects–like Protestantism—each hating the other, and all bent on destroying the truth by monstrous exaggerations and idiotic schemes and shams. We do not believe in allowing the presence of sham elements in Theosophy.” (H. P. Blavatsky, On Pseudo-TheosophyLucifer Magazine, March, 1889.)

“Much that is going on and has gone on in the (…) society has the appearance of leading into innocuous desuetude. This is the mode of working of Brahmano-Jesuitical forces, and the ordinary thinker is unable either to perceive, or credit it if warned. It is not believed that there are Dark Forces and their agents in the world, and that they war within that which they would destroy; that they dress themselves up in ‘sheep’s clothing’ so as to be unsuspected. But it is too true. Every failure to establish the Wisdom-Religion is to be traced to the work of the Dark ones among the unsuspecting stupid ‘sheep’, who are appealed to through their weakness and led astray. There is no panacea for stupidity and ignorance but self-knowledge, discrimination; anything that leads away from them leads to desolation. Would that there might be some way by which eyes could be opened to a wise and proper consideration of all things. Yet, if one should publicly point out these things, ‘untheosophical’ would be the least charge laid at his door. All that we can do is to accentuate the difference between the Eye Doctrine and the Doctrine of the Heart with full exemplification.” (Robert Crosbie, The Friendly Philosopher, Theosophy Co., Los Angeles, pp., 416, 1945.)

A private and confidential letter in 1887 written to Alfred P. Sinnett:

“It would be well perhaps, if the Jesuits contented themselves with making dupes of Freemasons and opposing the Theosophists and Occultists using for it the Protestant clergy as ‘cat’s paw’. But their plottings have a much wider scope, and embrace a minuteness of detail and care of which the world in general has no idea. Everything is done by them to bring the mass of mankind again to the state of passive ignorance which they well know is the only one which can help them to the consummation of their purpose of Universal Despotism.” (Blavatsky, The Letters of H.P. Blavatsky to A.P. Sinnett, T.U.P., 1973, pg. 404; see Letter CVI, pg. 230.)

But what are we to think of the future of Society if it is to be controlled in word and deed by this villainous Body? What are we to expect from a public, which, knowing the existence of the above mentioned charges, and that they are not exaggerated but pertain to historical fact, still tolerates, when it does not reverence, the Jesuits on meeting them, while it is ever ready to point the finger of contempt at Theosophists and Occultists? Theosophy is persecuted with unmerited slander and ridicule at the instigation of these same Jesuits, and many are those who hardly dare to confess their belief in the Philosophy of Arhatship. Yet no Theosophical Society has ever threatened the public with moral decay and the full and free exercise of the seven capital sins under the mask of holiness and the guidance of Jesus! Nor are their rules secret, but open to all, for they live in the broad daylight of truth and sincerity.” (H.P. Blavatsky, Theosophy or Jesuitism, Lucifer, June 1888)


Of shifts in England during the time of H.P.B., she asserts:

Old England is dying and her moments are counted.” (Helena P. Blavatsky, The Letters of H.P. Blavatsky to A.P. Sinnett, Letter CVI, pg. 231.)

“In former times, at least, no country has better and more successfully withstood the encroachments and treacherous designs of Popery than England. Consequently, there is no country the Jesuits would so much like to dismember and destroy. (…) They have openly avowed they will put an end, at any rate, a stop to the wheels of the English political machine by making converts of her chief men.” (Helena P. Blavatsky, Collected Writings of H.P. Blavatsky, Vol. XIV, pg. 734.)


It [Roman Catholicism] not only obstructs the way to Theosophy and Occultism but threatens to throttle both.” (Helena Blavatsky, Letter to A.P. Sinnett)

The Jesuits have practised not only Occultism, but BLACK MAGIC in its worst form, more than any other body of men; and to it they owe in large measure their power and influence.” (Helena Blavatsky, Theosophy or Jesuitism?, Lucifer, June 1888)

The Order has secret signs and passwords, according to the degrees to which the members belong, and as they wear no particular dress, it is very difficult to recognize them, unless they reveal themselves as members of the Order; for they may appear as Protestants or Catholics, democrats or aristocrats, infidels or bigots, according to the special mission with which they are entrusted. Their spies are everywhere, of all apparent ranks of society, and they may appear learned and wise, or simple or foolish, as their instructions run. There are Jesuits of both sexes, and of all ages, and it is a well-known fact that members of the Order, of high family and delicate nurture, are acting as menial servants in Protestant families, and doing other things of a similar nature in aid of the Society’s purposes. We cannot be too much on our guard, for the whole Society, being founded on a law of unhesitating obedience, can bring its force on any given point with unerring and fatal accuracy.” (Kenneth R.H. Mackenzie, Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia, 1877, pg. 369)

There is also a secret fifth class, known only to the General and a few faithful Jesuits, which, perhaps more than any other, contributed to the dreaded and mysterious power of the Order.” (Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled, Vol. 2)

“Students of Occultism should know that while the Jesuits have by their devices, contrived to make the world in general, and Englishmen in particular, think there is no such thing as Magic and laugh at Black Magic, these astute and wily schemers themselves hold magnetic circles and form magnetic chains by the concentration of their collective WILL, when they have any special object to effect, or any particular and important person to influence. Again, they use their riches lavishly also to help them in any project. Their wealth is enormous.” (Helena Blavatsky, Theosophy or Jesuitism?, Lucifer, June 1888)


Close friend of H.P.B., Constance Wachthmeister wrote, during the writing of The Secret Doctrine:

“They are fighting for life, for the S.D. has that which will give them their death blow, they may be a long time in expiring, but they surely will in time.”



Regarding a further statement about a “Black Dragon” prophecy in the East about a time when Europe is at its whits end, H.P. Blavatsky alludes to this prophecy as referring to the Jesuits and their fate, in a June 1888 article (Theosophy or Jesuitism, Lucifer, June, 1888).

“There is a prophecy in the heathen East about the Christian West, which, when rendered into comprehensible English, reads thus: “When the conquerors of all the ancient nations are in their turn conquered by an army of black dragons begotten by their sins and born of decay, then the hour of liberation for the former will strike.” Easy to see who are the “black dragons.” And these will in their turn see their power arrested and forcibly put to an end by the liberated legions. Then, perhaps, there will be a new invasion of an Atilla from the far East. One day the millions of China and Mongolia, heathen and Mussulman, furnished with every murderous weapon invented by civilization, and forced upon the Celestial of the East, by the infernal spirit of trade and love of lucre of the West, drilled, moreover, to perfection by Christian man-slayers—will pour into and invade decaying Europe like an irrepressible torrent. This will be the result of the work of the Jesuits, who will be its first victims, let us hope.”



While Helena Blavatsky was writing The Secret Doctrine, a member of the Roman Catholic Church was sent to offer her 25,000 Francs, if she would agree to the bribe not to say anything about Christianity and the Church in the book. She refused the bribe, and so then she said, one day the time will come, when their wealth will be taken from them, and be execrated before all Nations and peoples.

“They have succeeded. The Church is henceforth an inert tool, and the Pope a poor weak instrument in the hands of this Order. But for how long until the end comes, well may sincere Christians remember the prophetic lamentations of the thrice-great Trismegistus over his own country: “Alas, alas, my son, a day will come when the sacred hieroglyphics will become but idols. The world will mistake the emblems of science for gods, and accuse grand Egypt of having worshipped hell-monsters. But those who will calumniate us thus, will themselves worship Death instead of Life, folly in place of wisdom; they will denounce love and fecundity, fill their temples with dead men’s bones, as relics, and waste their youth in solitude and tears. Their virgins will be widows (nuns) before being wives, and consume themselves in grief; because men will have despised and profaned the sacred mysteries of Isis.” (Champollion: “Hermes Trismegistus,” xxvii.).” (Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled, Vol. 2., 1877, pg. 360.)


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