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Disney’s Hercules “One Last Hope” is no mere Child’s Song

Although, the mythical legend and moral of the story of Herakles, should not be learned from the Disney film, this song remains a childhood favorite. Being one for drama, it is the perfect song to make allusion to our hopes here, that in fact the model of the schools, orders, and fraternities of initiation ought to return, and become apart of culture, for women and men, that is not only faithful to ancient philosophy and trains the mind based on it, but is satisfying to the body, in moulding future men and women. Adepts are “men [or women] who have developed and perfected their physical, mental, psychic, and spiritual organisations to the utmost possible degree” (Blavatsky, The Secret DoctrineVol 1:273). You are raised in truth, to be better than the gods, whom were depicted with our vices. This can inspire your training.

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