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Poland officially enthrones Christ as King in Jubilee Act of Acceptance

A strange idea, is envisioned, in the Christian worldview, of a future world, where a ‘God-King,’ assumed in human form, rules mankind. The God-head as a Monarch fit with the hierarchy of nature, rooted in feudal systems, and monarchies. God was seen as top of the hierarchy of all existing things within the natural order. The old feudal systems, have not really collapsed, and we still carry over old habits. Jesus is, e.g. made in the image and style of royalty — of a Roman Emperor, such as the Emperor Constantine I (306-337 C.E.).

What is so different, between a ruling king-monarch or despot, a “Son of God,” over civilisation, and the ‘Anti-Christ?’ In our position, there is no belief, in such an entity, to come and rule. I think it is problematic.

The language inevitably gives legitimacy to theocratic rulership, religious zealotry, and dominionism.

Poland, defined as a bastion of religion, in a secularising Europe has Christianity, and it is basically what the West knows, which keeps alive spiritual inclinations. Although, not a perfect tradition, it is being utilised, in a way, some Polish people are actualising new movements and responses to socio-cultural and political issues.

Poland is not my country, but there is a little context to this story, although not being able to agree with the choice, but the people, bishops, and President chose it. They honoured their god, and it’s not my problem.

It is like the old days of nobility.

Is it reactionary, or just a consequence of Poland’s high religiosity?

For Christians, this is a good thing. For me, I am highly sceptical; and alot of Christians today whine about being always criticised, but can’t seem to grasp, how much influence on the psyche of billions, the religion has. Poland declares it, and before this, there existed reactionaries within Poland, worried about Muslim populations.

Now, Jesus Christ is enthroned, as a gesture of religious authority —

As if we needed Jesus’s opinion on abortion rights and mass immigration … Conservatives in the U.S. have responded to it positively, because of their attitude, that Christianity always gets unfairly treated, and criticised, and its institutions are eroding, etc. With positions on mass immigration, rapes, etc., it’s similar to Poland.

President Andrzei Duda, alongside Catholic bishops of Poland have officially recognised, Jesus Christ as King of Poland, in a ceremony at the Church of Divine Mercy in Krakow last week. We thought it, just honorary gesture of humility, harkening back also to old days; but Jesus Holy Christ is now officially recognised as the King of Poland. This has actually been said by some Polish protestors in Poland, against political Islamic doctrine, and mass migration of refugees, that “In Poland, Jesus Christ is King.”

NCSNews reported, that authorities “called upon Him to rule over the nation, its people and its political leaders”:

“Immortal King of Ages Lord Jesus Christ, our God and Savior, bowing our heads before You, King of the Universe, we acknowledge Thy dominion over Poland, those living in our homeland and throughout the world. Wishing to worship the majesty of Thy power and glory, with great faith and love, we cry out: Rule us, Christ!”

Just 350 years ago, King John Casimir had crowned, the Virgin Mary as honorary Queen of Poland.

What can be advised? Well, in the attempt to push against mass migrations, do not try to limit and construct the issues in east-central Europe, or Europe in general into a Christianity versus Islam issue, because that is just playing into the hands of others like ISIS, whom see Western Civilisation versus Islamic Civilisation in a Holy War context, and we are more than Christianity. We should be mindful, of Christendom-like nostalgia, but there is also a need to revive tradition in the regions. This seems to be what the Polish yearn for, against incursions.

As the ceremony was marked by the clergy and congregation, asking Jesus for forgiveness of their sins — a teaching of absolution, we see as fatal to actual inner development —  nevertheless they added: “in particular from turning away from the holy faith, for lack of love for you and others.” Innocent and devotional. Well, although a limited ideal, the Polish are in a search for strength and revival of identity, and genuine vigour and renaissance can be at the heart and centre. Poland is quite different than the U.S. and Western Europe.

We get readership from central-eastern Europe, and while I cannot praise the Polish president or Poland for this, due to my own rejection of the orthodoxy, there is a sense, in the deeply religious Poland, to regain their identity, as opposed, to sadly, regions like Germany now. There is some nostalgia, for the Polish Christian heritage, and the history; although, we have been told, over the half-decade, the Polish were shifting towards a secular view of life. In the U.S. we are told, the Polish government is awful. We may be highly misinformed.

Should I so easily judge the spirit and underlying movements of the Polish people and Central Europe?

Sweden, are you next? Sweden, where are you?


Ceremony was known as the Jubilee Act of Acceptance of Jesus as the King and the Lord, where Poland acknowledged the sovereignty and dominion of Christ over Poland.

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