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Gregorian Chant: “Salve Mater Misericordiae”

Salve Mater Misericordiae.

I have many Gregorian chants. This Polish Zabrze Youth Choir (Zabrzański Chór Młodzieżowy) stood out years ago to me.

I like the very old songs of the Churches and for Masses. Enjoy. They will calm you and bring ease.

Salve, Mater misericordiae,
Mater Dei et Mater veniae,
Mater spei et Mater gratiae,
Mater plena sanctae laetitiae,
O Maria! Salve, decus humani generis.
Salve, Virgo dignior ceteris,
quae virgines omnes transgrederis
et altius sedes in superis.
O Maria! Salve, Mater…Salve, felix Virgo puerpera:
Nam qui sedet in Patris dextera,
Caelum regens, terram et aethera,
Intra tua se clasit viscera.
O Maria!


Salve, Mater…

Esto, Mater, nostrum solatium:
Nostrum esto, tu Virgo,
gaudium, et nos tandem post hoc exsilium,
Laetos juge choris caelestium.
O Maria!

Salve Mater…

Hail, Mother of mercy,
Mother of God and Mother of pardon,
Mother of hope and Mother of grace,
Mother, full of holy gladness.
O Mary! Hail, honor of the human race.
Hail most worthy Virgin
because thou overcomest all virgins
and art seated of in highest honor.
O Mary! Hail, Mother…Hail, blest Virgin yet bearing child:
For He Who sits at the Father’s right hand,
The ruler of heaven, of earth and sky,
has sheltered Himself in thy womb.
O Mary!


Hail, Mother…

Become, O Mother, our solace:
Be for us our source of joy,
and at the last, after this exile,
unite us with the praising celestial choir.
O Mary!

Hail mother…

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