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Jean Mamy’s Anti-Masonic Propaganda Film, “Forces occultes” (1943): The Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy

Jean Mamy’s “Forces occultes claimed to unveil the mysteries of Freemasonry (Updated, 09/27/2019).

1942, the French were occupied under Germany during the rule of the National Socialist Party. The Propaganda Abteilung delegation of Germany’s propaganda ministry by ex-mason Jean Mamy (known by the pseudonym Paul Riche), commissioned the film Forces occultes (Occult ForcesThe mysteries of Freemasonry unveiled for the first time on the screen), which unapologetically denounces Freemasonry as apart of a Jewish-Mason conspiracy. It was written by Jean Marquès-Rivière, and produced by Robert Muzard, who were both condemned to punishments 25 November 1945 for their collaboration, under liberated France. The dishonest propaganda film details a young député, who learns the Masons are conspiring with the Jews and the Anglo-American nations to get France into a war with Germany.

The Ariosophists and National Socialists were enemies of the Theosophists and Freemasonry, spreading gossip like the choir-boys of the Church, that had fought against both with lies. In opposing it, and such propaganda, this therefore defends in some measure, Masonry and Theosophy. So, I could never apologize for defending what I do, because it has and can (since the facts still do not inform the public mind) be demonstrated, that their views are based in their opinions, not fact. Guido von List’s vision and the ideas of Adolf Hitler still influence sectors of Europe with neo-völkisch leanings, drawing from several influences. However, Americans who adopt any variant of the slippery Jewish-Masonic-Illuminati conspiracy inevitably develops a paradoxical Anti-Americanism, in the name of patriotism – a revisionism of American history and the founders’ purpose, despite the very nation electing its first chief on Masonic honors, with its very capitol, being a reference to the ancient Etruscan Goddess of Wisdom.

The National Socialist vision was a new mythos of the blood, and “preservationism of the godly essence of the Teuton,” they newly termed the “Aryan,” with Mussolini desiring that the Italians be recognized as Aryans. According to minister Goebbels in his appeal to Christian Germany, God created the Germans. The myths believed in by the National Socialists were not at its basis, different from those ideas that preoccupied any other fraternal secret order, or public organizations of a religious and philosophical nature. Germany bore many such groups, and National Socialists like Himmler were not free from the occult fad. Attacking and suppressing Freemasons, Theosophists, Jews, Anthroposophists, etc., hence appears very odd, hypocritical, and suspicious. Yet again, the Fascist State could have no element outside of itself, and therefore, they sought to subvert these groups.

Benito Mussolini also expressed his thoughts on Freemasonry, which I frankly find to be unconvincing, but his views are noteworthy for research. There were Freemasons that early on became Fascists, just as Jews were attracted to the strength of the ideas in Fascism, and the Masons were early financiers of Mussolini. This is not even to mention the claim, that Mussolini during World War I was a paid agent of the British MI5. Mussolini says, he is the rebirth of Mazzini, and yet disrespects the revolution that preceded him and failed, just as he fails as Mazzini and Garibaldi, who were Freemasons and supporters of popular Democracy. It was natural, some Masons would hence, see in him, the flare of one destined to uplift the New Italy and the Italian people. This desire to see the advancement of the race, as they would put it, is shared by us in hopes for all the world. But unlike Mussolini, the Masons and Theosophists, despite differences, were fighting for a cause in a struggle with the R.C.C. Mussolini, in his hypocritical appeal to the Papacy hence aligned himself against this cause, and seems to not even comprehend what that was.

“Let us not forget that the Masons of Italy have always represented a distortion, not only in political life, but in spiritual concepts. All the strength of Masonry was directed against the papal policies, but this struggle represented no real and profound ideal.”


Mussolini says: “in spiritual concepts”! “No real and profound ideal”! And many people today hold Mussolini’s anti-Masonic sentiment.


Mussolini says with great confidence!

“Let us not forget that the Masons of Italy have always represented a distortion, not only in political life, but in spiritual concepts. All the strength of Masonry was directed against the papal policies, but this struggle represented no real and profound ideal. The secret society from a practical point of view rested on an association of mutual adulation, of reciprocal aid, of pernicious nepotism and favoritism. To become powerful and to consummate its underhanded dealings, Masonry made use of the weaknesses of the Liberal governments that succeeded each other in Italy after 1870 to extend its machinations in the bureaucracy, in the magistracy, in the field of education, and also in the army, so that it could dominate the vital ganglions of the whole nation. Its secret character throughout the twentieth century, its mysterious meetings, abhorrent to our beautiful communities with their sunlight and their love of truth, gave to the sect the character of corruption, a crooked concept of life, without programme, without soul, without moral value.

My antipathy for that disgusting form of secret association goes back to my youth. Long before, at the Socialist congress of Ancona in 1914, I had presented to my comrades the dilemma: Socialists or Masons? That point of view had won a complete triumph, in spite of the strong opposition of the Mason-socialists.

Later, in Fascism, I made the same gesture of strength. It took courage. I obeyed the positive command of my conscience, and not any opportunism. My attitude had nothing in common with the anti-Masonic spirit of the Jesuits. They acted for reasons of defense. After all, their inner organization as a religious society is almost completely unknown.

For my direct, methodical and consistent course of policy the hate of the Masonic sect persecutes me even now. Masonry of that type has been beaten in Italy, but it operates and conspires behind mask of the international anti-Fascism. It utterly fails to defeat me. It tries to throw mud at me, but the insult does not reach its mark. It machinates plots and crimes, but the hired assassins do not control my destiny. It goes gossiping about my weaknesses, and the supposed organic afflictions of my body, but I am more alive and stronger than ever.

This is a war without quarter, a war of which I am a veteran. Every time that I have wanted to cauterize difficult situations in Kalian political life, every time that I have wanted to give a sincere, frank and loyal moral rectitude to the personnel in politics, I have always had against me our Masonry! But that organization, which in other times was very powerful, has been beaten by me. Against me it did not and cannot win. Italians won this battle for me. They found the cure for this leprosy.

To-day in Italy we breathe the open air; life is exposed to the light of day.” (Benito Mussolini, My Autobiography, 1928)

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