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Matt Dillahunty to Jordan Peterson: “Science can’t confirm the supernatural”

Jordan Peterson asks Matt Dillahunty in their debate, or dialogue, why don’t atheists contend with the major philosophical and theological sources. He gives an expected answer, which instead of pouting about, should be listened to, regarding evidence of the supernatural.

Matt Dillahunty to Jordan Peterson: “I think this gets basically to the same point I was talking about before. The thing that you’re objecting to it seems, is that many of us don’t want to address the aspects of religion, you find value in because we only focused on (…) a scientific skepticism perspective (…) are there valid and sound arguments that would lead one to conclude that a God exists. My answer so far to this seems to be no.”

“Science can’t confirm the supernatural. We are blocked, until someone demonstrates a mechanism with which we can explore and confirm the existence of the supernatural and then confirm that it actually can impact the natural world, we’re stuck.”

Matt Dillahunty is right, despite the fact Jordan Peterson also has a point about Atheists not engaging with the necessary deep material. What Matt Dillahunty says goes for us too, even despite the positions of theosophists: “We reject the idea of a personal, or an extra-cosmic and anthropomorphic God, who is but the gigantic shadow of man, and not of man at his best, either. The God of theology, we say – and prove it – is a bundle of contradictions and a logical impossibility. Therefore, we will have nothing to do with him….”—Helena P. Blavatsky, The Key to Theosophy, pg. 61.

What he is asking is something the theologians are limited in doing (with their “God did it” explanations in addition to their anti-occultism), and for those like the late James Randi, “magicians” haven’t really been convincing either.

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