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Friedrich Nietzsche on the Overman (Narrated by Peter Sjöstedt-H) and Fate

Peter Sjöstedt-H reads Nietzsche’s own words on the concept of the Overman/Superman (Übermensch)

“Man is something that shall be overcome. What have you done to overcome him?” (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Create a Man beyond this one. There is a true need for a new aim, a higher type of Man, to better preserve itself. This kind of society is not capable of bringing it about. The Man it produces has reached its limit. Can you not see that Man is diminished?

“I know my fate. One day my name will be associated with the memory of something tremendous — a crisis without equal on earth, the most profound collision of conscience, a decision that was conjured up against everything that had been believed, demanded, hallowed so far. I am no man, I am dynamite.”


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