“No man is born into the World a Master, and for that reason are we obliged to learn. He who applieth himself thereunto, and studieth, learneth; and a man can have no more shameful and evil title than that of being an Ignorant person.”


I warn, to be very wary of ANTI-GNOSTICISM and ANTI-ILLUMINISM, rather than encourage it.

Seek the GREAT KNOWLEDGE of Old. Do not be like the common people in their opinions. Yet, do not lose faith in them.

They cannot help it.

There is a hidden path in nature and a soul in nature, and there is hope for emancipation at its end. By dwelling in contemplation of its nature, you may come to know your own potentiality. But, if you sincerely decide to aspire to it, call to your mind, only within, of all you have gone through in this life, and be prepared for the challenges to come; for the wise say, either you accomplish the goal or perish. Francis Bacon’s words of wisdom still hold, and this is that, “Knowledge itself is power.”

Let us aid each other on, rather than prey on each other.

An old oracle teaches us:

‘Direct not your attention to the earth; for the plant of truth is not in the earth.’

Verge not downwards, it implores.

Aspire to piety, virtue, wisdom, equity.

Having become servant of the body, explore the soul, that you may rise again to sacred reason.

“The soul of mortals compels, in certain respect, divinity into itself, possessing nothing mortal, and is wholly inebriated from deity: for it glories in the harmony under which the mortal body subsists.”

“Vehemently extend all your eyes upwards.”


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