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Fox News and El Paso Gunman are on same Page: Fox Repeats Shooter’s Manifesto Verbatim

Fox News has echoed talking points from the El Paso shooter’s manifesto regarding a Hispanic “invasion” for some time. The attempt of Trump to relate the Dayton’s shooter’s left-wing sentiments to Elizabeth Warren is a cunning distraction and a deceitful comparison.

“Will leaders sit back as invasion happens?”


Perhaps, but a citizen took action he felt was right and completely rationale, given we are supposedly under “invasion” by migrants and asylum-seekers from Central America. So, he did what any “true patriot” would do . . . gun 22 of his own fellow Americans in El Paso, Texas on Saturday. Speaking ahead of visit to Dayton & El Paso, President Trump on Dayton shooter stated, “He was a fan of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, nothing to do with Trump. Nobody ever mentions that.” Meanwhile, Trump’s supporters are defending the President, condemning blame on Trump as “distraction,” and pointing to a supposed hypocrisy of the Democrats. Citizens must not listen to their lies. Here’s the facts so far. We don’t know the motives of the Dayton shooter, but his social media show his support for fringe left-wing ideas. His ex-girlfriend recounts his violent views of women, and obsession with mass shootings. A classmate recounted, how he was generally negatively perceived by other students.

However, the El Paso shooter deliberately schemed an anti-Immigrant manifesto, posting it to message board, 8-chan. The anti-Immigrant manifesto undeniably establishes a direct line between the president’s rhetoric and the stated motivations of the El Paso shooter. Trump and the shooter share belief in the conspiracy theory of a “Hispanic Invasion,” which the Fox News network has repeatedly argued (Mackey, Robert. Donald Trump and Fox News Warned of a Migrant “Invasion” Before El Paso Gunman Struck, Aug. 5, 2019).

This can never be truly compared to anything Sen. Sanders and Warren have said. The real distraction is the obvious propaganda of Trump’s supporters. This fact of the direct line of belief is unimpeachable, and should be stated strongly as such; whereas, President Trump refuses to acknowledge, and properly inform the public. He has failed his duty, failed to reflect deeply upon the issue, and in humility before all our country, take accountability for his rhetoric.


Let us look past Trump however for the time being, “Uncle Jared” is an insight into how deep the ideas of the El Paso shooter has stirred for years.

How would you truly, effectively rebut them?

We never voted for this.


I feel it.. An I’m sick of it. I Don’t want my three daughter’s too grow up in a America like this… I want My Country Back.

I’m Hispanic and I agree with everything he is saying.

It is truly amazing, baby boomers often reflect, inquire & ask, What happen to the good old days & Why??? When crime was very limited, communities were safe, parks, public places were crime free, no traffic congestion, social programs, infrastructures, education were sustainable & standards were high, morals, values, & civility were insidious & prevalent in our societies. Everyone was working, raising functional families, Mothers stayed at home, teachers, Police were respected , no violence in schools, . Being on Welfare was not an option, people worked hard, patriotism was always honored. The list goes on & on & on & on. Answer 90% Americans were White. The experiment with multi-multiculturalism has failed in all aspects & to the detriment of the once proud homogeneous Whites.

Frank Meeink, a former neo-Nazi joins David to discuss radicalization under Donald Trump, white supremacy, and more.

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