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Richard Spencer Rages at Jews and Blacks Post-Charlottesville Rally Death of Heather Heyer (Leaked Audio)


The entire “American Right” is compromised, corrupted and confused, whether “America First” conservatives (i.e., Trumpism) like Charlie Kirk’s “Koch-Conservatism,” or the so-called ‘Groypers’ — Alt-Lite, Zoomer and Dissident (Alternative) Right. Before Charlottesville, all these sides were trying to impress each other with how “based” they are, relative to their little Anon Groyper personas on social media. In the past year on numerous occasions, Richard Spencer has disavowed the Alt-Right, becoming unsure that a “peaceful ethnic cleansing” or return of non-whites to their countries is possible; and yet still, aiming towards, as he put it, a higher aristocratic ideal — but referring to the Alt-Right as losers.

After the death of Charlottesville counter-protester Heather Heyer, according to a source close to Spencer confirmed to, audio was recorded at an “emergency meeting” of Spencer fuming about Jews, Blacks, and the protest. 

The first half of the video is a clip from a recent podcast appearance of Spencer on YouTube, and the second is the leaked audio.

The audio was leaked by Milo Yiannopoulos, which has led others to question why Twitter banned Milo, but not Richard Spencer, which Vox delved into (Richard Spencer is an infamous white nationalist. Twitter says he’s not part of a Hate Group).


Spencer affirms my criticisms of the Conservatives that have appropriated Alt-Right patterns of thinking, or tried to make them palatable to influence the next potential generation of young impressionable Right-wingers. This, to me, no matter the intention, would constitute an ideological infiltration into the Republican Party, if in fact their thinking was not already deeply-rooted in the Conservatism dating to the Old Right, except it fundamentally is (What Is Conservatism and What Is Wrong with It, Philip E. Agre, August 2004). There must be complete change of the book — a challenge to the controlling grip Political Conservatism, Trumpism, and the Dissident Right has hitherto held on the “GOP.” This history — How did the Republican Party become so Conservative — is now catching up to us, creating contradictions, anti-liberal attitudes (of the Old Right and the Fascists), thereby injecting an Anti-Americanism in the Republican Party, which works under the guise of Patriotism, Nationalism, and Pro-Americanism. It is a cleaning task I have found not a single “Republican” so-called willing to do, because to do it, would require a Herculean feat of humility. It is precisely because of what Richard Spencer speaks of in the first half of the video. 

Richard Spencer’s domestic terrorist tirade is reminiscent of Robert Carlyle’s portrayal in the scene with the general and first speech. This was not Richard Spencer trolling, and trying to imitate the famous bunker scene in Downfall. He was serious.

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