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Black Rebellion: Why The Man in the High Castle Season 4 isn’t Soviet Propaganda | Hans Zimmer: Mountains Tribute

A tribute to the end of one of my favorite series, The Man in the High Castle Season 4 and all its cast. Thank you.

A rebuttal to comments that Season 4 is SJW Soviet Propaganda

On Amazon Prime, after I binged through the last season, I was worried about the two and half star rating the show got, and so I went into the comment section. By the way, good reviews have been given overall by the show elsewhere, but I wanted to briefly address the Black Communist rebellion. I had stated, that the 10th episode felt rushed, but that was pretty much my only complaint. I did not believe it just ended like that, without atleast one more episode, until the screen went black, and the credits rolled. Perhaps, we are to speculate and imagine. The comment section had a few five stars and good reviews from the audience, but another few people were not happy. They referred to the fourth season as SJW, and Soviet and leftist propaganda. It actually tries utilizing the history and real influence of Socialism and Communism on Black Nationalists and revolutionary ideas at that time, incorporating it into a What If, or alternative timeline I could believe in. What else had they to turn to? Did some people think the producers and screenwriters were going to put some unrealistic conservative, Thomas Sowell, pro-capitalist, bootstrap philosophy in this story? How would that contribute to their real struggle of rebellion? The Black rebellion group are terrorists in the story to the regime hunting them, and it is the methods the story endows the characters with to fight against a racist White American regime occupied by the Japanese Empire and the Greater German Reich, in a world, that hates them.

What is SJW about that? So, apparently some people couldn’t handle it. You put, e.g., one woman in a film these days, and it’s called SJW. Everything, today is called SJW. Was this show supposed to cater to these people who mentally masturbate over the mere aesthetics of Nazi propaganda reels, instead of understanding the reality of the harsh conditions people lived and would live under if they were to succeed World War II?

It is as if, also, Blacks could never tell their story, and the many aspects and angles of the history. This history really makes people utterly avoidant in facing. There are issues with a number of story plots, but I never once sat there and thought this was “leftist propaganda,” and if I was unfamiliar with the historical and ideological contexts, that drove the motives of the Black rebellion operatives, I would not have fully understood what was going on. It depicted conditions and beliefs accurately, as the rebellion group was modeled after the real-life Black Liberation Army. The world under the Reich and how people were treated under these forms of government in The Man in the High Castle is the real result of the world desired by the Fascists, the Identitarians, racial Nationalists, etc. After securing a free state from the occupying Japan Empire, one of the Black rebels asked the Black leading rebel to send a message to the Nazis by using the USA flag to start rebellion among the White ex-Americans. Another Black rebel suggests, no; that whites became Nazis, and they didn’t want to bring back the America of that time, which was segregated, Jim Crow, etc…utterly demeaning for them. So, the rebel balls up the flag and tucks it under him away as the camera zooms abit on the USA flag. That was a realistic action I believe would have happened given the mentality and the story. Clearly, the Reich collapses. The Americans in charge of the Reich at the end abandon it, and do not I am guessing restore the United States. They probably go on to create something new; and plus, because the Reich leader in the end took off his Nazi pendant does not mean they are magically free from over twenty-years of brainwashing. Now, why would the Black people, after securing their free state, join back up — as it is mentioned in the last episodes — with those people? How is this SJW, if not a solution agreeable with the likes of Identitarians and Jared Taylor’s people? And they leave it there. It’s not perfect, but you can’t satisfy everybody. What you can say is that, it was not Soviet and SJW propaganda!

If the story was otherwise, I would not have believed the reality of the timeline. Therefore, I felt I was in the very story.


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