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Carl Orff: Day, Night, and Everything (Dies, Nox et Omnia)

Artist. Richard Cooke

Dies, nox et omnia
michi sunt contraria,
virginum colloquia
me fay planszer,
oy suvenz suspirer,
plu me fay temer.
O sodales, ludite,
vos qui scitis dicite,
michi mesto parcite,
grand ey dolur,
attamen consulite
per voster honur.
Tua pulchra facies,
me fey planszer milies,
pectus habens glacies,
a remender
statim vivus fierem
per un baser.

Day, night, and everything
is against me,
the chattering of maidens
makes me weep,
and often sigh,
and, most of all, scares me.
O friends, you are making fun of me,
you do not know what you are saying,
spare me, sorrowful as I am,
great is my grief,
advise me at least,
by your honor.
Your beautiful face,
makes me weep a thousand times,
your heart is of ice.
As a cure,
I would be revived
by a kiss.

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