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The Primordial Fire and the Seven Sons in Ancient Theology and The Secret Doctrine


The Ancients of the East erected Highplaces, from the pyramids of Giza, through Ramah, Philistine, Shiloh, Beth Shemesh, Moab, to Babylon, sacred to Baal, Adon, Iao, or El, the Sun (a High-God). Who is the “Sun-God” worshiped by those who held fire as sacred?

A most archaic and sacred reference to fire is owed to these civilisations, from which their forms of religions hid a philosophy of spirit, and dynamic power. The immortal light of fire, fashioned, from the terrestrial-matter more life, fructified by the one substance, generically termed, the spiritus, or pneuma. It was from the “Crown” of heaven, that the planets received their light, and the Sun itself, from an unknown quantity of that, which they generally termed, “the Life.”

The astronomical religion of the Chaldeans (Assyrians), Syrians, Persians, Arabs, Jews, Phoenicians, and Egyptians depicted tales about Seven-Rayed Gods, like Mithra-Bel, the Logos, that transferred its quality and power through the Seven Spheres, and the “seven classical (sacred) planets.” The Logos is the manifested deity with every old nation, and people, and its cause is concealed, hidden, and inscrutable. Speech is closely linked to the Logos, to human Thought and its activity.

The Primordial Fire and the Seven Sons

The ancients all across pre-civilisation believed in deities, whom first evolved from the Primordial Fire, i.e., the noumenal fire. The records of the Hebrews contain this fire-worship, and not allegorically.

“The Lord is a consuming Fire.” (Deuteronomy 4:24)

“The Lord shall be revealed with his mighty angels [asdt] in flaming fire.” (2 Thessal., 1:7, 8)

These asdt or Aions (Æons) were the first gods we call ‘the Ancients’ generally, and the “Primordial Seven.” The flaming fire, from which they evolved is the Aether, the purely formless, and invisible primordial flame. All gods on the various planes of being descend from the Primordial Seven, but in The Secret Doctrine, it is stated, that from these Primordial Seven, are taught to descend a Second Seven, grouped in classes. Collectively, they are the Aions (a Gnostic term).

Some religionists erroneously regard the origins of the Mysteries to be devilish (unholy) WISDOM, proceeding from “those evil Babylonians” and Moloch-sacrificers. The evidences against this, and in favor of the existence of this mystery-doctrine can be found among the Greeks, Egyptians, Indians, Parthians, Arabs, Medes, Gebers, Elamites, Galileans, and the world over. The fire-worship of antiquity remains passed into the Jewish offspring of the Mysteries in Christianity, and other doctrines; but is modified and articulated in accordance with their (the Jewish) national-cultus. The gods of SYRIA, of Moab in Jordan, of the Philistines, of VENUS(Astarte)-worship, of the SEVEN AIONS and their “hosts” are in other traditions, as in the Japanese mythology of Tenchikaibyaku (天地開闢). This myth has been perverted by some into an allegory of the sexual act, but the myth is built on the same fundamental formula, especially concerning the Kamiyonanayo (神世七代, or the “Seven Generations of the Age of the Gods”).

In the Simonian Theosophy and Blavatsky’s writings, the “Primordials” are their Fathers (“minds”), the graduated emanations, descending lower and lower into matter, from the primordial “Fire” or svabhāva, the root of all the innumerable hierarchies of beings. Broadly, in the Theogony of creative Gods, these first “Primordials” that descend from the eternal Fire are the Aions (Archangels) of Christianity or Dhyani-Buddhas, the highest Intelligences on the scale of existence.

As to the Logos, the ancient civilisations spoke of it as the vitality, from which the physical sun draws its power in the system. Occult Philosophy explains the idea is a mystery-doctrine, adopted by others and misunderstood by the rabble. The true sun (centre or brain) of the cosmos, which all suns derive their power, is explained in Isis Unveiled: “None of the ancients, the sun-worshipers included, regarded our visible sun otherwise than as an emblem of their metaphysical invisible central sun-god.” It is this Sunthe allegorical Sun (Sol), the ancient religions of “fire-worship” referred to as the King, or “Father-Sun.” In another place, H.P. Blavatsky further explains, that this invisible Power is at the centre of the galaxy, and is the reservoir of all the energy.

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