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Katie Engelhart of Vice News interview Dov Maimon on Israel: “Demography is the key to everything”

Katie Engelhart of Vice News interviewed Dov Maimon in 2016 about the decreasing immigration of Arabs in Israel in Europe’s Jewish Exodus. Many Jews in Europe are still immigrating, in high numbers to the Jewish-majority Israel; but what should be pointed to as worthy of notice is the logic Dov Maimon, the author of The Absorption Plan uses. Maimon’s interview on min 25:50 -27:46.

What Dov Maimon says (“the demography is the key to everything, as you know”) is the exact same argument the Identitarians and Alt-Right deliberately flips, and uses to justify their ideology.

Along the logic of Jewish activist, Barbara Lerner Spectre, founding director of Paideia in Sweden.

She spoke about and advocated for a more ‘multicultural Europe.’

Barbara Lerner Spectre has advocated for the increasing role of Jewish influence on Europe, transitioning from monolithic societies to a multiracial, multicultural, Pan-European model.

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