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“I Believe in Philosophy” (script) scene from Hypatia

Heladius Dignitary: The majority of us here…have accepted Christ. Why not the rest of you? It’s only a matter of time and you know it.
Hypatia: Really? It is just a matter of time?…As far as I am aware, your God has not yet proved himself to be more just or more merciful than his predecessors. Is it really just a matter of time before I accept your faith?
Heladius Dignitary: Why should this assembly accept the council of someone who admittedly believes in absolutely nothing?

Hypatia: Synesius, you don’t question what you believe, or cannot. I must.

I related to this scene in Hypatia, because I experienced a similar situation, feeling and pressure, not only by others, but by the nearly inescapable presence and influence Christianity exercises. I never accepted the Christian beliefs about their Jesus Christ. But, I remember times in my life, feeling alone, because I could not be understood, as to why I cannot, and I gave a similar answer, though it was before I had known of this film.

Well, this clarion call comes from the nineteenth-century–

“The era of blind faith is gone; that of enquiry is here.”


Let us embrace it as we begin.


  1. Thanks for this. I have recently been thinking one should try to rescue philosophy from the modern sophists and academics. They have made it barely comprehensible. Without metaphysics philosophy can be little more than an exercise in logic and can never make a serious contribution to some the the real questions theosophy provides on ontology (the nature of being) and eschatology (concerning death, “judgement-karma” and destiny).

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    • Hi Will, I never replied to your comment. This scene definitely stands out, as the underlying feeling of that lost of wisdom and principles, kind of first message of the blog. I wonder why academia is solely geared towards objectivity, and critical examination, as you say, the metaphysics remain incomprehensible. It is seen as vague, and so with theosophy. This is not so, but it is the task of us, to outline it, so it can be studied.


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