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Trump and Conservatives defend Shithole Remark on Haiti, Africa, and El Salvador

The American Right and GOP will suffer for defending it in the end. The Trump administration, political base, and Identitarian Nationalists are in agreement.

The issue largely is with President Trump’s alleged comments, defended by his base, who did not stand beside Americans—Latinos, Haitians, and immigrants who found the comments highly ignorant, divisive, and deeply offensive to them.

PRESIDENT Donald Trump’s past discrimination case, and alleged remarks on shithole countries involving Norwegians favored over Salvadorians, Haiti and Africa have racist undertones undoubtedly, but this is no longer about him. The thinking defending these remarks betrays our very core principles, which is a habit of demeaning and dehumanizing people.

The thinking, that justifies and defends Donald Trump’s latest alleged remarks hides under the idea of being liberated from political correctness. It aids the campaign of the white nationalists and ‘New Right’ in this country to subvert, influence, and control the political conversation and policy. Unless, the Republican Party thoroughly excises itself from this kind of thinking on race, it will never evolve, or recruit large swaths of non-white populations, but according to the policy advocacy of the Alt-Right, this is preferable anyway (Trump Supporters Have Lots Of Excuses For His ‘Shithole’ Remark. They’re All Bad).


Richard Spencer said on Haiti, that it is a “potentially beautiful and productive country.”

“The problem is that it’s filled with shithole people,” Spencer tweeted.

“If the French dominated, they could make it great again. #MakeHaitiGreatAgain”

As proven, in my arguments with pro-colonialists.

“Act on it! Don’t cave in.”

Said an inanely fired-up David Duke.

The Trump administration did act when it decided to bar Haitians from U.S. visas for low-skilled work, citing what it said were “high levels of fraud and abuse” by Haitians with the visas, and a “high rate of overstaying the terms” of their visas. A DHS report published last year stated that Haitians on a variety of non-immigrant visas, including H-2As and H-2Bs, had a roughly 40 percent visa overstay rate in the 2016 fiscal year.

Jon Hegeman, who operates a commercial greenhouse in Alabama, brought in eight Haitian H-2A workers in 2015 through the consultancy, and nine workers in 2016.

Before Hegeman hired Haitians, his business had trouble finding local workers. Within a three-month period, they went through 300 people for eight positions, he said. When he was approached by PTP to participate in the program, he agreed.

He said he would escort his workers to the airport in order to make sure they left the United States when their visas ran out.

“That was one of my biggest concerns,” he said. “We had zero visa overstays.”

Williamson said PTP was able to ensure the return to Haiti of every worker that came through its program, but said other companies applying for H-2A visas for Haitians may not have been as scrupulous.

Trump administration bars Haitians from U.S. visas for low-skilled work

These are the people controlling what Conservatism, the American Right, its Party and American Republicanism is expressed as. Is this their best, and what happened to conservative intellectuals like Russel Kirk?

Lately, Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni, was hailed by the base after he defended the shithole countries statement. President of Senegal, Macky Sall stated in a Jan 12 tweeted a better reaction:

“L’Afrique et la race noire mérite le respect et la considération de tous” (“Africa and the black race deserve the respect and consideration of all”)

Despite the false image that the African continent and Haiti are little but rotten, infested wastelands, full of trash, ill and diseased people, they are filled with beautiful places and people. Contrary to Ugandan President’s defense, the African people are not weak. Such responsibility lies with the leaders, such as Museveni himself, who has governed Uganda for 30 years. African immigrants are said to be highly skilled and educated, more than most Americans (African immigrants are educated more than most — including people born from the U.S.). Despite this, the world’s reactions have largely been rather lovely and inspirational, and bad for Republicans.

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