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Jiddu Krishnamurti: “There Is Only One Revolution!”

“We want to escape. . .because man has lived like this for thousands and thousands of years, with sorrow, confusion, and great misery and mischief. And without changing all that, completely, radically. . .mere outward revolution. . .changing a particular system for another system does not solve this aching agony. There’s only one revolution — the inward revolution. So, spitting on society, blaming society for your condition is obviously blaming something, which you have created. It’s your society. You have built it. By your greed, your ambition, competitiveness, comparison, by one’s own inward hatred violence. Now, the question is, how can that life be changed? Not gradually, but immediately; otherwise you are sowing the seed of violence, Though, you may want peace, you are actually sowing the seed of enmity, misery. (…) And if we want order — and order is virtue — order demands discipline. . .”

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