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This is My Stance on Death of George Floyd and Police Brutality, NFL, Conservatives on the Protests

The American Right and far-right across social media appear to all be in perfect agreement with one another about the protests and this entire crisis. Firstly, it is a lie of Conservatives, that George Floyd is seen as a martyr by the Black community. So far as for his family, pictures of him and family on who he was is understandable, but people on the Right are bringing up his criminal records, implying he deserved to die. Breonna Taylor was murdered by police, and yet she had no criminal record, but Conservatives aren’t highlighting this. The great majority of us and others around the world are angry with injustice. Conservatives are falsely portraying all the protesters as looters and violent thugs paid off by Antifa and George Soros, with the usual mention of Yuri Bezmenov. No Black conservative could invalidate this genuine concern of so many people, whom they consider to be “slaves on the Democratic plantation.”

I was on the side of Colin Kaepernick from the beginning and had written an article about it then, because I understood what his act of kneeling meant, and Conservatives predictably did not like this. It however confused my Democrat colleagues, as I had been defending the Conservatives, as people we should understand. My Democrat colleagues believed there was nothing good in Conservatives, just as my Conservative colleagues believed Democrats were crazy leftist “SJWs” trying to “destroy America.” I was not on either side, and sought to understand the GOP closely. The more I did, the more I discovered the insanity and constant fear and propaganda one had to subject themselves to and believe. Last election, I was angry, frustrated and isolated by the fact my colleagues could not understand my approach and perspective. It aroused many emotions. I eventually became more doubtful that our political divide could be remedied, or mitigated in any sensible way, but not entirely. I am still of the belief, that we need to be more compassionate and willing to talk to Republican voters for the country’s sake. I see them as fellow Americans, human beings, and do not encourage losing hope. We need people with this attitude.

What I am angry about today however is police brutality, and I disagree with the Right and far-right on the issue of racism in America and police brutality. For years, I have written I am explicitly against the far-right and Trump, and I am only interested in alliances with particular people aligned with my core principles and values. It is essential to continue to counter the increasing persuasive grasp on the masses the Right has managed to gain. I understand that part of my role is to aid in this counter, but through my own ideas.

This post has been edited to be succinct. The original post rightly invoked a strong stance against the far-right and American Fascism.

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