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Readings from Isis Unveiled: Man’s Yearning for the Proofs of Immortality and Commentary


The voice actor and actress speaks very soothingly.

The narration explains some theosophical ideas of H.P. Blavatsky from her early major work.


In reading the writings of Theosophist, James M. Pryse, his exposition on the esotericism in Greek philosophy makes it clear that personal psychic growth goes hand-in-hand, as K.H. once wrote in a letter — with the development of individual effort. Pryse states, that is the evidence of acquired personal merit. Greek initiate-philosophers in antiquity taught that, the development and study of our physiological nature accompanies the laws and practical discipline to acquire the most mysterious secrets of our hidden mental faculties; and performing this action through the energy of the awakened Will power. The Chaldean Oracles a Neo-Platonic work, teaches in fact speaks an occult truth, when it states what is the source of this will power. It is motion. It is a great clue. One able to immediately see what is meant by universal and perpetual motion generating force is prepared. Closely observing the world from even a theoretical understanding of its physics, i.e., that very close observation of its workings is sure to exhaust the brain’s mental capacity, but in other ways begin to act on perception. What is the real thinking man, and what is truly observing and interacting with and in the world? It is very much like exercise. Yet, unlike exercise, you cannot build muscle after physical training in your dreams. You can cultivate and train spiritually and psychically in your dreams. Becoming aware of the many layers of perception is key. All the world is motion, of the transient, illusive activity of matter, and psychic and spiritual action are subject to it. The will is a phenomenon of activity that does not belong to this plane, and mental phenomena and faculties are but in consciousness, its modes of behavior. Human consciousness is not the mere activity of the molecules in the brain, but a state, or condition of this Mind, or Fire, which is itself of non-material nature. The liberated become as fires and are caught up into the Intelligible Fire. The dominant monotheistic religions were ignorant of the archaic and pagan significance attached to Motion and Fire. In the Memorabilia of Xenophon, him and Socrates are having a conversation with Epigenes, a disciple of Socrates. Xenophon asks the student, “You look as if you need exercise, Epigenes.” Epigenes replies, “I’m not an athlete, Socrates,” but Socrates rebuts, “. . .No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training . . . what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” As we study, we learn that the same must be applied to the mental or intellectual and psychical nature, since the theosophical concept of adept is the combination of all these developments. By psychic is meant our relation to the subtler side of nature, its forces, the elements and the planet’s ecology, which firstly allows the composite parts of our bodies to remain in its conditions as it appears to us, and the layers of states of matter allowing us to function in relation to the elements. It is not just theorizing. The aim in the development of the disciple, initiate and eventual mastery was brought out of a great pressing yearning for “the proofs of immortality,” somber acknowledgement of nature’s transience, cultivation and study. The hastiness, ignorance and rejection of the ancient initiate-philosophers has led scientists and futurists into anxious desperation, and sole reliance on the prospects of the combination of biology and tech, in ultimate hopes of proving [for some being freed from] our supposed “simulated” or parallel universe. This yearning will prove to only be truly satisfied through alchemical transformation. The fusion of human and technology will deepen humanity in the illusion of separateness, as is done now.

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