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Tag: Philosophy

Tirthankaras: Growth in the Wisdom of all Beings

A doctrine (Buddha-nature) in Buddhism teaches that all man possesses the germ of wisdom (Buddha) in them, which is the non-conceptual nature of space (dhātu) and the purity of the nature of mind. The idea, that […]

Voltaire on The First Philosophers

“How precise and true is Plato’s expression, how profound and philosophical his remark on the (human) soul or Ego, when he defined it as “a compound of the same and […]

The Manifestation of Divine Light

“But All-Father Mind, being Life and Light, did bring forth Man (Ἄνθρωπον) co-equal to Himself.” (Pœmandres treatise) “This Man or Anthrōpos is the Spiritual Prototype of humanity and of every […]

What are the Principles of a Theosophical Group?

The principles of a group called Theosophical would be: [1] “Brotherhood [camaraderie] of man, without distinction of race, color, religion, or social position. [2] The serious study of the ancient world-religions […]