Thoughts about the Purpose of The American Minvra and Political Ideas

The earliest tweet for “The American Mivervan” was declaring our stance, or differences. It is certainly a jab at the Conservatives, the Alt-Right, Identitarians, and American Renaissance, to simply let others know, we are not the same, nor have we arrived at the same conclusions, or solutions. The author is racially not white, and argues…

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The Theosophical Society modeled on American Republicanism and the Constitution

Russian, Helena P. Blavatsky was very enthused about becoming a U.S. citizen, and saw hope in the young republic. This shows, that the original Theos. Soc. (New York, 1875) was modeled upon the republican idea. This brings up issues about transparency with its contemporaries: “Born in the United States, the Society was constituted in the…

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Politics and Occult Philosophy: The Phrygian Cap and E Pluribus Unum

The American is not known for Wisdom, but our stupidity, and weight-size. Yet Americans sport on capitol and city architectures the remembrance of the ancient gods and goddesses, deifying founders, soldiers and warriors. The symbols, aesthetics, and ideals have their origin in Greece, Britain, France, Rome, Spain, and Egypt. Republicanism, truly in action, can only…

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Zisi speaks on being accountable for our actions, for abandoning the path of virtue, and causing suffering under heavens watch.

“Some men who have not complied with virtue will yet not acknowledge their offences, and when Heaven has by evident tokens charged them to correct their conduct, they still say, “What are these things to us?” (Zisi, Zhongyong, 4.9)


Constantin Von Hoffmeister “Secret America”: Defining America as a Race-Based Republic

German Identitarian desires a race-based American vision, and rationalizes Trump’s policies. The philosophy of REPUBLICANISM makes the idea and historical permanency of a ‘White Ethno-State’ impossible, and a contradiction in terms, especially given the historical circumstances.What was the true vision of the the United States, who can truly say, based on racial terms, and was it meant…

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James Madison Federalist Papers No. 55: Divine Ideal in American Republicanism

James Madison, lead drafter of the Constitution stated once, that the philosophy of American Republicanism admits the existence of qualities in man in a higher degree, i.e., built on a spiritual Ideal of man’s nature. This is in keeping with Classical Republicanism. We recognize James Madison as a man who rejected the idea of racial superiority,…

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