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Sir Malcolm Murray “Night Work” Script: Season 1

“Come Join Me,” says Sir Malcolm

Sir Malcolm Murray: “You seem to be a free thinker, able to imagine a world not bound by such what we consider ‘truth’.”
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: “You mean the supernatural?”
Sir Malcolm Murray: “I mean the place where science and superstition go hand in hand.
An anatomist of your calibre would be invaluable for my work (…)”
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: “I do not care to join a sect of amateur occultists.”
Sir Malcolm Murray: “And I’m not forming one! It’s not a game to me. So stop behaving as if it were.”
(…) Come join me, Doctor. With me, witness horrific wonders.”
Night Work Script: Penny Dreadful, Season 1 (2014)

Timothy Dalton would make a perfect Mr. Judge.

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