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Edith Starr Miller’s “Occult Theocrasy” on Theosophy and the Illuminati

Known as Lady Queensborough, her real name was Edith Starr Miller (1887-1933). Edith Starr Miller, an active member of Fascist leagues, sought it her utmost duty as an anti-Mormon Christian to find every religion other than her Christianity conduits in a Satanic, and Luciferian plot to overthrow “Judeo-Christian civilization.”

Edith Starr Miller argued in her second work, Occult Theocrasy, that the Adepts, Brahmans, Jesuits, Gnostics, Buddhists, Zionists, Theosophists, Hindus, Italian Carbonari, Freemasons, Irish nationalists, etc., were all in cahoots to accomplish this. Like the modern conspirator, all are imagined to be on this Hierarchical ‘Pyramid’ run by a cabal of nefarious Zionist Jews, or the hooved Satan himself!

Her thesis is that the body of international politic is being manipulated by a cabal of Adepts who worship Satan and Lucifer, and without distinguishing much, assails on quite all secret 16th-19th c. organisations, and ancient religions. Occultism, Edith Starr Miller begins her work arguing, is purely Satanic and Luciferian. She states, that Luciferian Occultism controls Freemasonry, and the Gnostics, an Anti-Christian sect, was a Satanic revolution.

As anticipated by Helena P. Blavatsky, she stated how, despite unequivocal statements in The Secret Doctrine, that people after will say the God of the Theosophists in secret is really Lucifer and Satan. Occult Theocrasy draws on the works of anti-masonic documents now proven hoaxes.

The Occult Theocrasy section on the Theosophical Society, is wholly based on several inaccuracies from the notes of Rene Guénon’s critique.

Edith Starr Miller, like Sam Harris in Waking Up, first obscures Theosophy, by stating that Blavatsky’s superiors were apart of a “Great White Lodge” that secretly governs the world, as if they were nurses like the blessing Catholic Saints.

Edith Starr Miller connects theosophist and socialist Charles Sotheran to Albert Pike, in her theory of his “Luciferianism,” based on the Taxil hoaxes, also used to defame Giuseppe Mazzini. She uses the unfortunate debacle of Jiddu Krishnamurti, Charles W. Leadbeater, and Annie Besant to set up Modern Theosophy as one of the subversive orders attempting to topple her precious Christendom. The objects of the Theosophical Society, Edith Starr Miller lays out is World Government through the “Restoration of the Mysteries,” and World Religion with it, as its head. The Theosophical Society is characterized as having a political status, aimed at creating a secret and theocratic order. So, without going into the history of the Theosophical Society, she conflates the aims of the second generation Adyar leaders with the first, and the other branches, who broke off.

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