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Mel Britt – She’ll Come Running Back – Happy New Years!

“It takes a man with insight, yes it does
to really understand – yeah
We all go through some changes in life before we’re considered a man – yeah
Don’t let today’s problems get you down – no”

I am sure so many of you have already heard of these songs. This is not me mourning a woman. As with all songs I like posting here, it is how I am feeling while I’m reflecting. It is about finding yourself, gaining clarity on life, learning, and I’ve had much to learn. What is returning back? Soul. Soul and courage. I really have one message to end the year. The times just seemed to be so depressing, and could have used a little more love. I am thankful for having time with my mom and sister for the most part. I have made so many mistakes through time, and I am surprised to still be here today. I have sought to become the person I want to be after so much changes and hurdles, which is to be true, honorable, accomplished, prosperous, strong-willed and ever-determined. I am going to go do those things.

Hold on to yourself and to each other going into the next year, and grow in wisdom together.–Happy New Years

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